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Video Synchronizer 12 bit A/D D/A Converter
QuadraCombTM Filter
Composite를 SDI로 SDI를 Composite으로 변환. TBC, legalizer
Video Gain, Black Level, Chroma Gain, Hue 조절 가능, 자체 패턴신호 내장.
DAS-441A 보드와 연동가능(Embedder, De-Embedder)
입력 : composite, SDI
출력 : composite x2, SDI x2  

FS-514CC Video Synchronizer with Legalizer
Synchronizer - Decoder - Encoder - Legalizer

Pair it with the DAS-441A and it’s also an audio embedder. Switch between PAL and NTSC via the user menu.

The SDI synchronizer accepts an SDI input or uses Fortel DTV's proprietary 12-bit adaptive QuadraComb™ comb filter to decode the composite input and generate the SDI output. This decoder generates a cleaner, more accurate SDI signal by eliminating quantizing errors and unwanted comb artifacts. Dual Band Processing and Dynamic Threshold Modification preserve luminance detail and reduce chroma crawl and false chroma. In analog-to-SDI conversion applications, the DUPLEX feature allows the card to utilize the SDI input and analog outputs as a separate converter— intended for wrap-around applications such as the input and output of a digital island. With duplex off, one selected input (analog or digital) is the source for the two analog and two digital outputs, post synchronization.

Its Perfect-Palette™ Legalizer fixes gamut errors better by first analyzing “what color it was supposed to be” and then correctly adapting each pixel to a legal value without causing a hue shift while minimizing clipping effects. Independent settings for RGB, Luminance and Composite thresholds.

The FS-514 modular card can be combined with other Integrity system frames, cards and control panels for compact installation in both mobile and fixed applications.

Key Features
  • Synchronizes one source— analog or digital
  • Composite analog and SDI inputs and outputs
  • Clean, quiet composite to SDI decoding and SDI synchronizing with Auto-TBC
  • Coring & averaging noise reduction filters
  • 12-bit input processing for transparency and improved signal-to-noise
  • Perfect-Palette Video Legalizer and RGB Color Corrector
  • Proc amp controls
  • Built-in test signal generator
  • Built-in VITS Inserter
  • NTSC/525 or PAL/625 switchable
  • Companion DAS-441 card (optional) for automatic lip sync correction, audio A/D and D/A conversion
  • Companion DAS-441 card (optional) for de-embed from SDI source and/or embed into SDI outputs

    Video Inputs  
    Composite Analog (BNC) 1V p-p into 75 Ω
    Sampling & Processing 12 bits at 27 MHz
    Analog return loss >40 dB to 5.75 MHz
    SDI return loss >19 dB to 270 MHz
    SDI (BNC) SMPTE 259M-C
    The composite analog input may be relay bypassed to Composite out #1
    Video Outputs  
    Composite Analog (2x BNC) 1V p-p into 75Ω
    Analog return loss >40dB to 5.75 MHz
    SDI (2x BNC) SMPTE 259M-C
    Output SDI clock jitter <740 pS p-p
    SDI return loss >19 dB to 270 MHz
    A TTL level audio delay control pulse can be jumpered to replace Composite Output #2 or SDI Output #2
    External Genlock Reference  
    Composite analog (2x BNC) 1 V p-p (looping input)
    Return loss >40 dB to 5.75 MHz
    Noise Handling  
    The input sync separator and clock generator will capture and maintain lock with noisy inputs that approach 0 dB S/N ratio.
    Input Loss Modes  
    Pass bad video; Cut to black; Kill all outputs; Freeze last good field or Freeze last good field then timeout to black.
    Signal to Noise Ratio >64 dB (Unweighted luminance)
    Luminance Freq. Response ± 0.1 dB to 5.5 MHz
    LFR in TBC ON mode +0.1/-0.5 dB to 4.5 MHz
    Differential Gain <0.5%
    Differential Phase <0.5°
    K Factor (2T) <0.3%
    K Factor in TBC ON mode <1%
    Output Timing  
    H Phase Infinitely variable
    V Phase Infinitely variable
    Residual TBC Jitter <±3nS
    Proc Amp Controls  
    Video Gain ±6dB
    Black Level ±200mV (20IRE)
    Chroma Gain ±6dB
    Hue (NTSC only) 0-360°
    Independent proc amp settings are stored for Composite and SDI inputs
    Environmental & Mechanical  
    Power Consumption 12 W
    Operating Temperature 0° C to +45° C
    Humidity 10% to 95%, non condensing
    Card Dimensions 6.0" x 9.4" (15.2 cm x 23.9 cm)
    Cards require installation in Integrity system - frames sold separately
    FRM-301 (1RU) 1.75" x 19.0" x 17.0"
    FRM-304 (4RU) 7.0" x 19.0" x 21.0"

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