SDI를 받아서 PAL영상과 오디오신호로 분리하는 장비
입력 : 1 x SDI
출력 : 1 x PAL, 4 x Analog Audio, 2 x AES  
SDV to PAL converter with audio demultiplexer

 AES and Analogue audio out
 PAL out
 Selectable group demultiplexing
 Hot Swappable
 Power Fail Bypass
 Eurocard format, 6 in 1U frame
 Converts VBI data

The SCA200 is a Series 200 format card that can be fitted into our standard 1U and 3U frames and can be used
stand alone, or with a CPU for increased functionality and remote control operation. Designed to demultiplex
embedded audio (1 group) from a Serial Digital Video input, and output 2 channels of AES and 4 channels of
analogue audio, a headphone monitor output is also provided. The SDV signal is converted to an analogue
composite PAL output, a selectable internal 100% colour bar test pattern is provided on the PAL output. VBI
data can be blanked or passed. Remote monitoring is available when frame has controller CPU.

1 x SDV (power fail bypass to re-clocked SDV out)

1 x Re-clocked SDV
1 x PAL
AES (2 channel)
Analogue Audio (4 channel)
Headphone monitor

Selectable Group de-multiplexing (one group per card)
Selectable 100% colour bars on PAL output
Selectable VBI blanking/pass
AES audio group present status LED’s

220x100mm eurocard for mounting in Microvideo 1U and 3U frames.

Ordering Information:
SCA200 SDV in, analogue & AES audio out, PAL out.
EU-FRM1U Rack mounting 1U frame with 6 slots for Series 200 modules.
-FP Active front panel for EU frame.
-RP A second PSU for redundancy.
-CPU CPU card for RS422 remote monitoring.