CSVC020 - BALBOX Analogue Composite to Serial Video Converter

Composite를 입력받아 4개의 SDI로 출력하는 장비
입력 : 1 x Composite
출력 : 4 x SDI  
CSVC020 - BALBOX Analogue Composite to Serial Video Converter.

Designed to be a low cost convenient solution for converting composite analogue signals to component serial digital signals. The CSVC020 provides all digital decoding of analogue PAL/NTSC to SDI. The ADC014 automatically senses PAL 625/50 or NTSC 525/60 operation from the analogue input video standard. Either composite video (CVBS) or S-Video (YC) inputs are accepted. Syncs to lock the digital clock are derived from either the CVBS or Y input. Flexibility in operating modes is provided via an easily accessible switch. These modes allow the user to select the type of input signal VITS pass and internal test pattern. The test pattern is 100% colour bars, which defaults to 625/50 standard when no input is present. The unit has an integral mains power supply.

Input signal Analogue composite or Y/C: PAL or NTSC
Line standard: 625/50 or 525/60 automatically detected
Level: 1.0Vp-p on CVBS/Y inc sync
Input impedance: 75 ohm terminating
Input connectors: 2 x BNC sockets

Output signal: 10 bit 4:2:2 component 270 Mb/s NRZI serial digital video.
Signal amplitude: 800 mV +/-10%
Output impedance: 75 ohm
Output return loss: >15 dB, 5 MHz to 270 MHz
No of outputs / connectors: 4 x BNC

Switch 1: Input format – CVBS or Y/C
Switch 2: VITS blank /pass
Switch 3: PLL mode VTR/TV
Switch 4: Blanking off/ blank all
Switch 5: Test pattern off / 100% colour bars

LED 1: Green PAL/625
Yellow NTSC/525
Red No input
LED 2: Green Colour lock
Red Colour error

Package: Standard BALBOX housing, with six 75ohm BNC signal connectors
184 x 103 x 42.4mm.
Weight: 950g.
Mains supply: 90 – 250Vac
Consumption: <15VA