AES를 입력받아 Optical으로 전송하는 장비
입력 : 2 x AES
출력 : 2 x Optical  
Dual Bidirectional Multirate Digital Audio Transceiver.

General Specs
Depth: 60mm
Width: 20mm 4TE
Height: 100mm (3RU)
Weight: 100g
Operating Temperature: -30 C to +70 C
MTTF @60°C: 69x10E5 hours
Power Supply: 5.8V DC @ 420mA
Signal Detect: LED On for loss of Signal

Options/ Ordering Information
BC700M/A 850/1310nm Dual Transceiver
BC700S/A 1310/1550nm Dual Transceiver


Audio/Data Specs
2 x Bidirectional AES-EBU Digital Audio
Audio/Data Format: Bit Rate independent,
32kB/s, 44.1kB/s, 48kB/s,
96kB/s, AES3-1992
Audio/Data Connector: 9-Way D-Conn

Optical Specs
Singlemode or Multimode
Optical Wavelength: 1310/1550nm
Optical Performance: Output Power
typical -6dB;
Receiver Sensitivity
-3dB to -30dB typical
Optical Connectors: FC/PC, ST, SC