Optical을 입력받아 L-Band 출력으로 변환해주는 장비
입력 : 1 x Optical
출력 : 1 x L-Band Output  
L-Band Receiver Card Singlemode

Benefits of fibre optic transmission:

The use of optical fibre has a number of inherent advantages over conventional coaxial alternatives:
· Low loss - enabling very long path lengths with
minimal degradation of carrier-to-noise.
· Lightweight, highly flexible, small diameter
· Frequency response is independent of path
· Immunity to electrical interference - the signal is not corrupted by radiated interference.
· Non-conductive - provides electrical isolation.
· Lower cost compared to coaxial cable over long distances.


Products available in the OEM module range:
· 70/140MHz
· L-Band (950MHz to 2150MHz)
· General Purpose (10MHz to 1000MHz)

Typical applications for the OEM fibre
optic modules:
· Satcomms up / down converters
· Modems
· HPAs
· RF signal distribution equipment
· Cellular
· Tetra
· VHF / UHF radio
· VSAT equipment

Benefits of PPM’'92s OEM fibre optic modules:
· Wide dynamic range
· Suitable for all modulation formats
· High reliability
· Compact sub-module design
· Alarm and status outputs
· Compatible 19" ViaLite plug-in product line