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1개의 단방향 Video 신호를 입력받아 디지털 광신호로 변환하여 원거리로 전송하여 주는 장비.
mini size로 CCTV Camera Extension에 최적의 solution을 제공.
입/출력 : Composite Video x 1
전송가능거리 : 2.5Km/fiber
전송방향 : 1채널 단방향
적용가능 섓시: CC-18-80w(19" rack type 18 slot)/DTCR series(Desktop-1,2,4 types)

BMMV-110 Mini
1 Channel 15 Mhz Video, Mini Series


• Multimode operation over one fiber
• 15 MHz video bandwidth with AGC
• True DC Restoration
• Flat Frequency Response
• Complies with RS-170, & 170A EIA video standards
• Compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video signals
• No EMI or RFI and no ground loops
• Stand Alone or Rack Mount
• Ideal for CCTV camera extensions

Mini-size One-channel (IM) Video Transmission System

The BMMV-110 Mini is an Intensity Modulated (IM), LED-based fiber optic Video transmission system with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and an LED status monitor. It is NTSC, PAL and SECAM compatible, ideal for the extension of a B&W or color CCTV camera.

The BMMV-110 IC version is compatible with Opticomm's Multiple Division Multiplexing (MDM) Series for transporting a combination of multiple video, audio and/or data channels over one single fiber.

System Design

All units come in a Stand Alone, small Mini Module, or Insert Card version. The BMMV-110 Mini works with a standard unit or an Insert Card version. The cards can be inserted into our 18 slot, 19" rack-mountable card cage (CC-18-80W) or one of our smaller Desk Top Card Racks (DTCR series). The DTCR series can handle one, two, four or seven cards, allowing for greater flexibility and future expansion. They can sit on a flat surface as a larger Stand Alone unit, or can be surface mounted with the flanges provided. The regulated switching power supply has short circuit protection, and an input operating voltage of 87-264 VAC. All BMMV-110 Standard, Mini and Micro models are link compatible.