OTS-1SD_datasheet.pdf (199KB)


SDI Video 신호를 입역받아 광신호로 변환하여 원거리로 전송하여 주는 장비.
입/출력 : SDI
전송속도 : up to 270Mbps
전송거리 : 3Km ~ 60Km/fiber
전송방향 : 단방향
적용가능 섓시: CC-16-100(19" rack type 16 slot)/DTCR series(Desktop-1,2,4 types)

BOptiva™ Standard, 1 SDI 270 Mbps


• Uncompressed SDI Video over one fiber
• TDM - Single Wavelength
• True DC restoration
• Flat frequency response
• Complies with SMPTE 259 for uncompressed SDI
• Compatible with MDM-7000 Series for WDM and CWDM multiplexing
• No EMI or RFI and no ground loops
• Stand alone or rack-mount
• Ideal for Broadcast/Studio and Professional AV  

SDI Video Transmission

The BOTS-1SD provides for the digital transmission of 1 Channel of uncompressed SDI Video, at absolute broadcast quality.

System Design

All units come in an insert card version. The cards can be inserted into our 16-slot, 19” rack-mountable card cage (CC-16-100) or one of our smaller Optiva™ Desktop Card Racks (DTCR Series).

The Desktop Card Racks can handle one, two or four insert cards, creating compact, mountable, stand alone systems. the use of separate DTCR enclosures allows for future flexibility and expansion as all cards are hot-swappable and can be used in any enclosure. Each one of our card housing units operate with an appropriate power supply. See “Accessories” for power supply specifications.

 BOptiva™ Upgrade Path

This system can be purchased without an optical port as an add-on to an existing Optiva™ system daisy-chain. (See “Non-Optical Version”). The BOptiva™ bandwidth requirement of this system is 310 Mbps.


• 적용가능 섓시:  16-slot, 19” rack-mountable card cage (CC-16-100) or one of our smaller BOptiva™ Desktop Card Racks (DTCR Series).