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FDV, FMV, MMV Series 등의 card unit 을 장착하여 사용할 수 있도록 하는 19 inch rack mount.
size: 18 slots(BOT-CC-18-80w)/14 slots(BOT-CC-18-RPS)
input power: 100Watt/90-264VAC(universal)
power supply type: Slide-in power supply

BMultiverse™ Chassis
Multi-Card 3RU Chassis for FDV, FMV and MMV Series


• MDM Series Compatible for Higher Channel
   Single-Fiber Solutions
• Ruggedized
• Accomodates Redundant Power Supplies
• Enables Easy Upgradability and Flexibility

Rack Mountable 19", 3RU Card Cage

The CC-18 Frame is a ruggedized aluminum housing unit that accepts many of our fiber optic interface cards. The mounting ears are reversible, so that card loading, as well as electrical and optical connections, can be accessed from the front or back. The regulated switching power supply has short circuit protection, and an input operating voltage of 87-264 VAC.

The BMultiverse Chassis can accomomdate Opticomm's Multiple Division Multiplexing (MDM) Interface Cards for higher channel video/audio/data single-fiber solutions from one-single distribution point.

System Design

• CC-18-80W: 19" 3RU Cage, 18 slots, Slide-In PS
• CC-18-RPS: 19" 3RU Cage, 14 slots Redundant
   Slide-In Power Supplies