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모 델 : Quadra UDC 400

Multi Channel Signal Converter
4개의 영상신호를 받아 RGB나 DVI신호로 변환하는 장비
입력 최대 해상도 1600x1200, 출력 최대 해상도 1600x1200
입력 : RGB x4, DVI x4, Composite x4, S-Video x4
출력 : RGB x4, DVI x4  


Multi-Channel Signal Converter

The Quadra™ UDC 400 sets a new standard for multi-format scan conversion and scaling with a full range of digital and analog inputs and outputs, four independent channels, and the smallest footprint in its class.

When using DVI inputs and outputs, the Quadra offers a completely digital path from signal source to display. Even when converting an analog signal, a DVI output means fewer A/D and D/A conversions, resulting in higher quality conversions.

The Quadra offers four real time scalers in a single 1RU enclosure. Each channel is capable of scaling or converting different RGB, DVI, HDTV, and standard video signals.

The unit accepts inputs up to 1600 x 1200 pixels and converts them to any RGB or DVI format. All output signal parameters are user-selectable, including line rate, frame rate, interlacing and blanking.

Pan and zoom functions allow selective extraction of any portion of an image for cropping or aspect ratio adjustment. Conversion to lower line rate signals can be executed by extracting a portion of the original signal, or by down-converting the entire raster, or a combination of extraction and down-conversion.

All functions are easily set up and controlled using a command line interface from either the RS-232 or Ethernet ports.

Built on RGB Spectrum's long tradition of quality and reliability in mission critical applications, the Quadra is an excellent solution for all signal conversion requirements.

  • Four Independent Channels
  • Up Convert and Down Convert
  • Inputs / Outputs to 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Optional DVI Inputs
  • Pan and Zoom
  • RGB/DVI Outputs
  • Ethernet and RS-232 Control
  • Compact 1RU Chassis
  • Universal Scaling
  • Interlaced « - » Non-Interlaced
  • 875 « - » 525 Line
  • FLIR « - » RGB
  • RGB Analog « - » DVI Digital
  • Aspect Ratio Changes
  • Line Rate Changes
  • Video - » RGB / HDTV