Vertical Interval Time Code를 SDI에 삽입해 주는 장비
RS-232 컨트롤
입력 : 1 x SDI
출력 : 2 x SDI  

Time Code Inserter - Generator for D1 Digital Video

This unit allows the insertion of Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) and user bits into a D1 Digital Video Source.
The Time-code can be from a Linear Time Code (LTC) input, with an adjustable offset, or can be generated
internally. When generated internally it takes it timing from the input video. Source Ident (four ASCII characters)
can be put into the 'User Bits' either by selection from the front panel, or by external data input. When the
timecode is being read from the LTC input the user bits can be passed through or amended. Time code can be
inserted into 625 and 525 line standards and accordingly provision has been made for both non-drop frame and
drop frame time code generation.
The data path through the unit is 10 bit, and transparent for the Digital Video input. Vertical blanking controls
allow the unused lines to be blanked, or transparent.
The Time Code Inserter is available as a standalone product, housed in a 1U rack mounting frame, or as an
option on other inserters from the Microvideo range.

Serial Digital Video (270Mb/s) to EBU Tech 3267-E and SMPTE 259M
Linear Time Code on phono socket to IEC461:1986

2 x Serial Digital Video (270Mb/s) to EBU Tech 3267-E and SMPTE 259M
with inserted VITC. Main output has power fail bypass

Physical: The Inserter unit is in a 1U case, 400mm deep.

Analogue VBI data input option
There is the option of an analogue VBI data input. Its use is similar to our VBI data inserter product. It is
designed to insert signals from analogue VBI data generaters. It may be used as either a back-up input for the
subtitle data or for other data services.

RS232 input
The INS-VITC has an RS232 fitted as standard. This allows remote control of the unit.
If required the unit can be supplied with RS422.

Insertion Test Signals
As with all our data insertion products the INS-VITC can have the Insertion Test Signal module fitted allowing it
to insert either UK or CCIR test patterns.

Ordering Information:
Digital Inserter, VITC GEN + LTC reader
Analogue input for VBI data
Insertion Test Signals (ITS) for vertical interval.