Aspect Ratio 신호에 대한 Video Index 프로세서
Video Index 기록기능
입력 : 1 x SDI
출력 : 2 x SDI  

Video Index Processor for Aspect Ratio Signalling
 Recodes VI
 Supports AFD
 Frame Accurate
 LCD Display

Video Index is a technique used to encode program and picture related source information in conjunction
with a component digital video signal. The data is encoded in bit 2 of the chrominance signal (assuming a 10
bit signal where bit 0 is the lsb and bit 9 is the msb), on lines 11 and 324 for a 625 line signal, or lines 14
and 277 for a 525 line signal. The formatting for the data is defined by SMPTE RP186 and includes the
aspect ratio of the 'coded' picture, this being 16:9 or 4:3.

UK broadcasters have also utilised some of the unused bits in the SMPTE RP186 standard to convey Active
Format Descriptor (AFD*). This AFD data will indicate how the picture should be treated / displayed, by
equipment such as aspect ratio converters and set top boxes.

The coding for the AFD is given as -
0 0 0 Active region same as coded frame (source material)
0 0 1 4:3
0 1 0 16:9
0 1 1 14:9
1 0 0 not used - reserved for future use
1 0 1 4:3 with shoot and protect 14:9 centre
1 1 0 16:9 with shoot and protect 14:9 centre
1 1 1 16:9 with shoot and protect 4:3 centre

Product Description
To enable Vi (AR and AFD) coding to be read on input, translatted to another Vi Code using a look up table.
The resultant Vi is then inserted back into the same field. This ensures that the coding remains frame
accurate.The look up table is user programmable from the front panel. GPI inputs also allow the output code
to be defined by an automation system. Applications include, recoding to support different set top box
platforms and carrying hidden GPI information.
Video Input SDV(270Mb/s) as per SMPTE259M
Video Output 2 x SDV(270Mb/s) reclocked outputs (Program has relay bypass)
Data Interface Coded (source) image and AFD settings are displayed on an LCD
Video Index Data can be set from front panel or by the GPI's.
An Alarm GPI Output indicates power loss, no input or invalid Vi code.

Optional RS232 and RS422 interface (contact Microvideo).

Physical The product is supplied in 1U rack mounting frame with integral psu.

Product Code VIG-PROC Video Index Processor, with front panel control

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