Serial Digital Component 신호에 cue dot을 삽입하는 장비
입력 : Serial Digital Component
출력 : Serial Digital Component  


The Microvideo Cue Generator will generate and insert a cue dot into a video picture. The unit operates entirely
in the digital domain, with Component Serial (270Mb/s) input and output.
Two styles of cue dot may be generated. One is the BBC style which is on the left hand side and the other is the
IBA style which is on the right and has moving stripes. The CUEGEN-F has the positions and sizes of the dot
set in firmware and is programmed during manufacture.
The Cue dot is selected and turned on and off through GPI control or through optional RS232/RS422 control.

IBA Cue Dot. Positioned on right hand side with moving black and white stripes.
BBC Cue Dot. On left hand side consisting of static stripes of white, black, white.
GPI Control with tally output.
Optional RS232 or RS422 remote control and status output.
Transparent to digital audio and other data in the ancillary data space.
Power fail by-pass.
625/525 operation.

Serial Component Digital Video (270Mb/s).

Serial Component Digital Video (270Mb/s) on Program and Auxiliary outputs. In the
event of power failure to the unit a passive by-pass feature connects the input to the
main Program output.

1U rack mounting unit, 420mm deep.
230V or 115V operation selected by internal link.