SDI 신호에 station ident나 logo를 실어주는 장비
8개의 logo 저장, keying기능
입력 : SDI
출력 : SDI  
Flash Logo Generators

 Serial Digital Video interface
 Integrated Down Stream Keyer
 In-system programming
 Full Feature Preview
 Power Fail Bypass
 Remote Control Options

The Flash Logo Gen is designed to put logos or station idents onto the outgoing picture in a serial digital video
(SDV) installation. It is an integrated logo generator and down stream keyer in a single 1U rack mounting frame.

The logos are stored in Flash memory. This can be programmed ‘in-system’ and retains the data when the
power is switched off. It can be programmed many times, allowing you to change your logo as often as you wish.
The logos can be ‘grabbed’ (programmed) through an SDV input. This allows direct transfer from your graphics
system into the logo generator. The logos can be full colour and have transparent elements within them. It is
also be possible to program the logos via an RS232 (or RS422) from a standard desktop computer. This allows
back-up and access to a large number of logos.

All keying is done internally with a digital linear keyer.
Transition time can be set for timed fades of the logo.
Such transitions can be activated by GPI.

Full Feature Preview
The Flash Logo Gen has two previews. A Grab Preview output allows you to view the logo you are about to grab
and a Logo Preview output to see the next logo to be faded on air. The Logo Preview shows the logo keyed
over the background program feed to allow you to see exactly how it will look. The vertical and horizontal position
of this logo can be adjusted before being put on air.

Front panel controls, with an LCD display, allow direct operation of the Flash Logo Gen but it is also possible to
control the unit via RS232/422 from our remote panels or an automation system.
The Flash Logo Gen is transparent to Embedded Audio and VBI data. This is passed to the program output from
the background input feed. A power fail bypass relay connects the background input to the program output in
the event of loss of power to the unit.

FLG-S1 - Single store version
This unit stores up to 8 logos.
Logos can be selected on the preview output only when the main program output does not have a logo on air.
Logos can be programmed only when the main program output does not have a logo on air.

FLG-S2 - Double store version
This stores up to 16 logos in two stores. By having two separate storage areas for the logos, it is possible to program a
new logo while the current logo is still on air. This allows rapid change from one logo to another. The logo can be faded
in and out, with adjustable transition times. It even possible to fade from one logo to another, while both are keyed over
the background. The output can also be faded to black.

Video in / out
Serial Digital Video, (270Mb/s) according to SMPTE 259M (EBU Tech 3267-E).
A passive bypass relay connects the Prog In to the Prog Out in the event of power loss.

1 x RS232, 1 x RS422 on 9 way D-types for connection to remote panels
or an automation system.
2 x GPI inputs and tally output. GPI activate Fade up and Fade down as standard.

Non volatile Flash memory storing logos up to 512x256 pixels or full frame images.
Three different configurations can be offered - s/w1 - 8 logos
s/w 2 - One full frame and 4 logos
s/w 3 - Two full frames
The storage capacity is doubled for the FLG-S2.
Configuration must be specified when ordering.

1U rack mounting frame, 400mm deep with power supply.

90W from 110/220/240v AC