ds_dtv1010.pdf (3.333MB)


DTV 신호 분석 및 복조 시스템
폭넓은 RF 신호 및 데이터의 분석
54-806 MHz의 System M 채널
IF 대역 : 4, 44 MHz
FFT Spectrum, Complex Constellation, Eye Diagram, Echo Profile 출력
text 파일로 측정값 저장
데이터 분석을 위한 SMPTE 310M, ASI, LVDS 출력 기능
600 옴 발란스 스테레오 오디오 출력
SDI 옵션 출력 가능  
The DTV1010 Measurement Receiver is a system package which includes the DM1010 Measurement
Demodulator, AV1010 Commercial Receiver, and WinDM-Pro™ application software for a Windows™ PC.
The DTV1010 is an ATSC transmission system measurement receiver that may be located at the
transmitter plant or television studio.

Utilizing technology licensed from Tektronix, the DTV1010 includes new RF Transmission parameter
monitoring features for display of the 8VSB constellation and eye diagram, and a new Z Technology FFT spectrum
occupancy display. All of these measurement features are available with a local or network connected PC
running Z Technology WinDM-Pro™ application software.

The unique design of the DTV1010 allows distortion-free analysis of critical RF and data parameters of the
terrestrial television signal. A wide dynamic range RF frontend with an excellent noise figure allows reception at
difficult off-air studio locations, and the system’s excellent RF immunity and auto-ranging input attenuators facilitate
direct connection to the RF signal for performance measurements at the transmitter plant.

The DTV1010 is based on Z Technology’s RF measurement front end. Normally found only in highperformance
spectrum analyzers, the design features automatically ranged attenuators rather than the more
conventional AGC, allowing the repeatable, NIST traceable performance required of a true measurement
system. This high performance RF frontend, a proprietary demodulator design, and jointly developed
DTV measurement technology provides an economical networked measurement solution for television

The system design provides independent measurement and monitoring paths. The measurement
path characterizes the RF signal, and documents RF and demodulated data parameters to clear text files for
historical analysis. The precision RF path mixes the input 8VSB signal to channel 7 or 8 for distribution of
the station’s full program stream to house DTV receivers. A high quality 44 MHz IF signal is also
provided to drive the system’s audio/video section for local program selection and output. The WinDM-Pro™
software application runs on a Windows™ PC, eithe directly or network connected to the measurement
demodulator, providing graphic displays of parameters available in text form on the system front panel.

A received DTV signal can be evaluated for RF degradations that may affect a viewer’s ability to
receive the signal. Measurements include 8VSB multipath profile, sync and equalizer decoder lock, data
signal-to-noise ratio, error vector magnitude, threshold of visibility, segment error rate and NIST traceable
received power level. The included WinDM Pro Windows™ application software facilitates real-time
testing while RF and data figures of merit are recorded into clear-text data history files for later analysis.

In addition to measuring, tracking, and recording signal parameters, the DTV1010 provides SMPTE 310M, ASI
and LVDS transport stream outputs for data analysis, and an ATSC/8VSB signal is provided on vhf channel 7
or 8 for distribution to DTV receivers throughout the plant.

The DTV1010 is a uniquely designed system consisting of a rugged instrumentation-type rack-mount
package that is powered from 120VAC power mains.