R-507.pdf (2.173MB)


Programmable Field Strengthmeter
아날로그, DTV, 광대역 전계강도 측정
측정 주파수 대역 : 5 MHz ~ 1000 MHz
100개의 주파수 기억
신호세기 대역 : -10 dBuV ~ +90 dBuV
dBm, dBuV, dbuV/m 단위로 표시 가능
측정 정확도 +/- 2dB
5-10-20 MHz Span 설정
RS-232 컨트롤(WIndows 기반 전용 소프트웨어 사용)
내부 Preamp, Filter 탑재
Nicad 베터리 또는 AC Power

The R-507 allows a user the choice of self-contained field strength meter operation or fully programmed operation with
the added power of the supplied Windows™ application software.

The R-507 is both portable and programmable. It may be operated directly from the front panel in portable
applications. Convenient operational setups provide rapid access with direct readout under difficult environmental
conditions without the need for AC power or user recalibration.

Using the supplied Z Technology Windows™ Swept Spectrum application, the R-507 can display on a PC
screen, signal strength versus frequency for any 5 MHz, 10 MHz or 20 MHz band between 5 and 1000 MHz. This
spectrum display allows visual identification of channel occupancy throughout a band and is very useful in the
discovery of any interfering signals. It is also useful in analyzing digitally modulated signals such as ATSC/DTV,
DVB-T, DAB and GSM. By simply entering the bandwidth to be measured, an operator can directly measure total
received power in dBm or dBuV, directly on the PC display.

The R-507 may be used to evaluate signal coverage across a service area, analyzing signal strength at specific
locations, surveying sites for new antenna construction and making precise industry-required NIST traceable field
strength measurements. The R-507 is an excellent unit for those needing to characterize or maintain both
analog and digital RF wireless communications and Broadcast systems.

The R-507 expands the Z Technology product line of cost effective test instrumentation with a rugged,
portable unit designed for the professional user. Connected with a serial cable to your laptop PC, the
R-507 becomes an integral part of a convenient, automatic data collection and storage system.

The R-507 includes a unique interactive software program that allows a PC to synchronously control
the instrument’s swept spectrum feature and display measured signal levels on the PC screen. The PC
display refreshes up to 2 times per second offering near-real-time display of spectrum over a frequency
span of 5 MHz, 10 MHz, or 20 MHz. The vertical axis may be displayed in dBm, dBuV or dBuV/meter when
antenna factors are entered for a calibrated antenna. The horizontal axis is calibrated in frequency around
the selected center frequency.

Using the Windows™ based application; a user can easily control basic setup features for the instrument
including operating frequency, RF AMP on/off, IF Bandwidth, and attenuator settings. Cursors marking
the measurement band edges can be set by the user to define the band over which the power in a digital
signal is measured. Received power in this band is then calculated and resulting total integrated power
is displayed on the PC. Tilt and notches for the same band can also be measured and displayed.

The Windows™ application allows a user to plot signal strength over time and to record measured
parameters such as frequency or channel number, power readings, tilt and notches to a data file. In the
spectrum display mode, the application provides accurate measurements for digitally modulated signals plus the ability
to visually analyze signals being received over a band of interest. An option is available to record GPS Latitude/
Longitude fixes and generate output files for signal strength mapping in Microsoft MapPoint™.
Several options are available for special applications, including a high speed streaming mode (Option STR). This
provides valuable signal strength vs. time information to capture signals present for as little as 5 mS.