10/100 PCI Ethernet 카드
최대 데이터 전송속도 200Mbps

The StarTech.com 10/100 Mbps PCI Ethernet Adapter is a high-speed, reliable network card for use in PC workstations, and workgroup servers. The card is fully PCI plug and play compliant, and has driver support for all versions of Windows, many versions of UNIX, Linux, and Novell Netware. Full Duplex support allows the card to send and receive simultaneously, allowing data transfer rates of up to 200Mbps if connected to a Fast Ethernet Switch.

Technical Specifications

Warranty Lifetime warranty
Bus Type PCI (5 Volt)
Connector Types 1 - RJ45 Female
Carton Quantity 6
Shipping (Package) Weight 2.19 lb [0.99 kg]