5개의 포트를 가지는 10BaseT Micro 허브
데이터 전송속도 10Mbps
IEEE 802.3 10Base 표준
4대의 허브와 daisy chaine 하여 사용가능
PCs, MACs, Sun, DEC 호환  

Running a small business? Need a small network? Want to add small workgroups to your existing network? The StarTech.com 5 Port 10BaseT micro hub is just what you need. The 5PORT is small in size, with plenty of potential for expandability. Features 5 UTP/STP ports with data transfer rates up to 10 Mbits/sec, and the ability to be daisy chained with up to 4 other hubs when your needs grow. Connected computers can be located up to 100 m away – perfect for any small office space. Backed by StarTech.com’s 2-year warranty and FREE lifetime tech support.

The StarTech.com Advantage
•  2-year warranty and FREE LIFETIME technical support
•  Can be daisy chained with up to 4 other hubs for future expansion
•  Connect 5 UTP/STP workstations for a small network workgroup
•  Includes AC adapter and wall mount screws for quick setup


•  2-year warranty and FREE LIFETIME technical support
•  Allows data recovery without signal distortion
•  Automatic bad port partitioning isolates problem-causing workstations
•  Compact design sits discreetly on desktop or mounts easily to wall (screws included)
•  Fully conforms to IEEE 802.3 10BaseT repeater specifications
•  Includes AC power adapter (120V) and wall-mounting screws
•  LED indicators provide Link/Activity, Collision, Power status
•  Uplink port allows for cascade expansion

Technical Specifications

Warranty 2 Year warranty
Auto MDIX No
Color Beige
Connector Types 5 - RJ45 Female
Product Height 1.18 in [3 cm]
Product Length 5.12 in [130 mm]
Number of Ports 5
Power Adapter Included Yes
Carton Quantity 25
Shipping (Package) Weight 1.06 lb [0.48 kg]
Product Weight 3.18 oz [90 g]
Product Width 39.37 in [1000 mm]
Standards IEEE 802.3 10BaseT
Data Transfer Rate 10Mbps
Protocol CSMA/CD
Maximum Distance 100m
STP/UTP Ports (5) RJ-45
Uplink Port (1) RJ-45
LEDs (5) Link/Activity, Collision, Power
Supported Hardware PCs, MACs, Sun, DEC, any 10Base2/T compatible
Power Requirements 7.5V AC, 500mA
Dimensions 130x90x30mm (4.7x3.0x1.2 in.)
Weight 1kg
Operating Environment 0~45 deg C, 10~80% Humidity
Certifications FCC Class A, CE Mark