RF250W - 250 Watts RMS RF Power Amplifier

30~1000MHz 대역에 적합한 250 Watt RMS RF 파워 증폭기
0dBm 입력으로부터 250 Watt RMS 증폭 (약 1000 Watt CW)
DVB-T. DVB-H, 8VSB, MMDS 30~1000 MHz
소프트웨어로 RS232-RS485 컨트롤 가능  

The RF250W is a High-Performance Solid-State RF Power Amplifier providing 250+ Watts RMS ( approx. 1000Watts CW ) from a Zero dBm input, ideal for any DVB-T, DVB-H, 8VSB, MMDS transmission in the 30 - 1000 Mhz spectrum range.
This Booster is ideal for any Broadcast-Grade Continuous service where low maintenance, High MER, High signal quality and stability are wanted.
Based on latest generation of semiconductors, this RF Amplifier perfectly operates with any Multi-Carrier RF Spectrum ( DVB-T / DVB-H /8VSB ) providing excellent linearity and thermal stability without requiring special and continuous precorrection adjustment.
An integrated industrial-grade supervisor circuitry prevents any damage from electrical shocks, ROS, Temperature so the amplifier is always safe from any possible accidental damage.
Multiple Amplifiers can be combined in a system rack obtaining a complete transmitter with RF power up to 5 Kilowatts RMS, output filter, and electrical protection rack ( lightning )
The RF250W is the next generation of digital RF power amplifiers which sets a next level of signal quality, maximizing your coverage with less power consumption and highest efficiency today on the market to be received on any set top box without compromise.


·                                 DVB-T Broadcast Power Transmission

·                                 DVB-H Broadcast Power Transmission

·                                 MMDS Broadcast Power Transmission ( QPSK, OFDM, QAM 16-256 )

·                                 8VSB Broadcast Power Transmission

Key Features

·                                 250 Watts RMS digital power (aprox 1000 Watts CW)

·                                 RS232-RS485 interface

·                                 Remote control via software

·                                 Excellent MER Medium Error Ratio performances

·                                 Excellent Linearity and Shoulders

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250 Watts RMS RF Power Amplifier