TST8000TH - 2RU DVB-H / DVB-T Lab Test System

۽ Ʈ ݽ + DVB-H/DVB-T
׽Ʈ HD/SD ۷ ۽ ƮϿ 100 ⰡƮ SATA ϵũ
DVB-H, DVB-T : 30-1000 Mhz RF , 1Mhz , IF 36.15 Mhz
QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
RS-232 ø Ʈ  

The TST8000TH is a broadcast-grade Transport stream reference generator + DVB-H / DVB-T full-featured broadcast modulator, ideal companion for any R&D Laboratory or Manufacturing Industrial plant to test any DVB-H Mobile and DVB-T devices as cellular phones, set top boxes, transmitters, receivers, etc.
This 2U Rack Mount unit is controlled via the front panel Color industrial touch screen so no control problems can occour due to the limited life cycle of traditional mechanic buttons and sensors.
The Touch Screen provides precision, quick control, multi-language, color icons, visible file names from the generator, dust & environmental proof operation, and unlimited " touch n' control " life.
The Generator module comes with a built-in 100 Gigabyte SATA hard disk drive, loaded with all types of HD/SD reference transport stream files needed to test any compression, picture format, signaling for DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-H, ATSC, IPTV, including all the HD/SD and SUB resolutions and all compression types.
The Broadcast DVB-H / DVB-T modulator provides 30-1000 Mhz RF broadcast output ( -10 to 0dB Level / 1 Hz Agile steps ) + Fixed IF36.15 Mhz @ -10dB.
Where needed, an L-BAND agile version is available + fixed IF 70 Mhz @ -10dB
Since the connection between the Generator section and the Modulator section is provided via standard ASI coax on the rear panel, the generated signal can be used for any third party application as well as the modulator can be feeded from any real-world third party ASI signal of both Non-Hierarchical or Hierarchical type.
A second Generator module can always be fitted to generate a Hierarchical transmission.
Also a MIP inserter with a GPS module can be installed to obtain a true SFN simulation, also with a second modulator module if needed.
The TST8000TH has 4 free slots so more functional modules can be installed also later on field.
A complete set of REMOTE CONTROL commands allows an EASY integration with any existing automated process control, as well any WEB BROWSER, SNMP, SERIAL, TELNET can control all the features from any computer.


                                 DVB-H R&D Lab Testing

                                 DVB-H Mobile Devices Production Testing

Key Features

                                 Built-In WEB and SNMP remote access for management with User List and permissions

                                 Industrial Color touch-screen display for easy and quick local control and monitoring

                                 WORLD-POWER power supply

                                 Rear 9 PIN Serial control port

                                 Rear 15 PIN GPI Alarm out

                                 Code rates: ?, 2/3, ?, 5/6, 7/8

                                 IFFT: 2K, 4k, 8K

                                 10MHz and 1PPS sync inputs from external or internal GPS receiver ( the same system rack might be fitted with an SL-GPS module )

                                 Constellations: QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM

                                 2x ASI INPUTS configurable as Fail-Over or Hierarchical ( HP / LP )

                                 Guard intervals: ?, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32

                                 5/6/7/8 MHz network operations

                                 SFN & MFN full support

                                 ALL-MODES Hierarchical supported

                                 HD/SD all formats DVB-H/DVB-T/8VSB reference transport streams included within the generator to test any Mobile device or HD/SD Set top Box

                                 Built-In Transport Stream Generator with true ASI output

                                 Option for L-BAND agile RF output instead

                                 World-Standard DVB-H / DVB-T modulator, agile from 30 to 1000 Mhz

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2RU DVB-H / DVB-T Lab Test System




2RU DVB-H / DVB-T Test System with L-BAND output



   Additional ASI Multiplexing & Processing




10x ASI-In DTV Statistical ReMultiplexer Module





DVB-H Time Slicer Incapsulator Module

   SFN & Ref Sinchronyzers








GPS 10Mhz + 1PPS Satellite sinchronizer module